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Review: The Ultra Portable Macbook Air

The Macbook Air runs much like the original Macbook, using Apple's OS X and benefitting from preinstalled software such as iPhoto, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iMovie and Garageband. It also shares features such as a built in camera and microphone. However, it also has some very notable features of its own. Design: The first thing you'll notice about the Macbook Air is the fact that it looks so sleek. It's almost razor thin, and is Apple's smallest laptop offering yet. In fact, it's thinner than just about anything else, yet still keeps the distinctive Apple style with its unibody aluminum enclosure. It still features a full keyboard and Apple's infamous trackpad for complete ease of use. Here are the Air's measurements: * 0.11 - 0.68 inches high, * 11.8 inches wide, * 7.56 inches deep, * Weighs 2.3 pounds. As you can see, it really is razor thin! It's also half the weight of a standard Macbook, and a third the weight of the highest level Macbook pro. That makes it very easy to carry! Battery Life: The batte...


Essential Digital Camera Accessories Everyone Should Have

Some camera accessories are nice to have while others are must-haves. Below are five accessories that every photographer should carry with them regardless of level of expertise. 1) Lens Cleaning Kit/Blower Invariably, you will get dust and fingerprints on either the front element of your lens or the filter you are using. If you don’t clean it, dust will show up as black spots on your images while fingerprint smudges show as diminished image sharpness - the latter being something you can’t correct in post-processing. Therefore, each time before using your camera, use a blower brush to get rid of the dust on your lens and a lens cleaning cloth to take off fingerprint smudges. 2) Camera Carrying Case As you know, there is a very large array of camera bags to choose from. If you have a point and shoot or bridge camera, then pick out a traditional camera bag that fits your camera. However, if you have a DSLR with a variety of lenses, you have more options besides the traditional bag, such as: â...


Microphone Review: Blue Microphones Snowball USB

Blue Microphones have been working hard and turning out a lot of decent microphones in recent years. The Snowball USB microphone is yet another in their microphone range, although it’s priced for a different part of the market to either the Yeti or the Yeti Pro. This is perhaps the most obvious difference between the Snowball and the other microphones from Blue, although it’s not the only one by any means. So, with the Blue reputation to live up to, how does the Snowball measure? Let’s find out. Key Specs For The Snowball USB Microphone RRP: $75.00 Year of Release: 2011 Type of Microphone: Condenser Application: Vocals, instrumental music, podcasts, interviews Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.5 x 5 inches Weight: 2 lbs Snowball USB Microphone: The Pros Sound Quality: As expected from a Blue Microphones, the sound quality on this cute little microphone is pretty fantastic for the price. You get clean notes across the full-range, with neither end sounding tinny or boomy. This really marks the Snow...


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